Filter plays a key role in water purification equipment, experts remind to replace it for a long tim

2014-12-22 00:00

The widespread use of water purifiers has caused more and more people to pay attention to their safety. In recent days, media reports have attracted the attention of many consumers. "Is the more complex the filter, the better the filtering effect?" "The more filtering times, the purer the filter?" With the enthusiastic participation and questions from readers, yesterday, the reporter visited the market again.

On the second floor of Dalian Happy Home Shopping Mall, there are dozens of brands of water purifiers sold, including domestic and imported equipment, with prices ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of yuan. There are not only drinking water purification equipment, but also central water purification equipment. Even some citizens who choose to purchase water purifiers require that their bathing water be filtered.

The reporter saw that a citizen's home was being renovated, and he started selecting water purification equipment when he was working on the overall kitchen. He felt that there was no water purification equipment in the kitchen, which seemed to lack a large piece. "I asked several friends how to choose water purification equipment, but everyone believed that the more water purification cores included in the entire set of equipment, the higher the level." However, when purchasing water purification equipment, he found that some equipment had six buckets with water purification cores, but the price was half cheaper than those with only two water purification cores.

Professor Cui Yongzhu, an expert in materials science at Dalian University of Technology, introduced that the more filter elements, the better. First of all, the filtering effect is not necessarily determined by the number of filtration times, but the important thing is the material itself. In addition, a large amount of organic matter needs to be adsorbed on the filter material of the water purifier, which can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to poor purification efficiency of the water purifier. The filter element is a conventional consumable and requires regular replacement. The more filter elements, the more complex the replacement, and the higher the cost. What consumers overlook is that drinking water that is filtered too often or too finely may also filter out mineral components that are beneficial to the human body, which may be detrimental to health.

Expert Reminder

When it comes to the material of the filter element, experts also remind that some families do not replace the filter element after using the water purifier for 3 to 5 years, which can easily cause secondary pollution and great harm to human health. In addition, whether there is an activated carbon filter material in the water purification equipment should also be considered, as activated carbon is one of the best filter materials in nature. No matter how precise the water purifier is, it is also necessary to use activated carbon material as a filter.