Usage and performance of sintered metal filter element

2023-03-24 13:34

Main uses of metal sintered mesh filter elements:

1) Used for dispersed cooling data in high temperature environments.

2) Used for gas distribution, fluidization bed orifice data.

3) Used for high-precision, highly reliable high-temperature filtering of data.

4) The sintered mesh filter element is used for high-pressure backwash oil brush filters.

The metal sintered mesh filter element is used for filtering high-pressure media; Separation of oil sands in oil fields; Machinery, ships, fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic starting oil; For complete chemical equipment in the chemical industry

Process filtration; High temperature gas dust removal; Food filtration; Medical filtration; Water treatment.

The sintered metal powder filter element has the following excellent performance:

1: Metal powder sintered filter element has good filtering performance (0.5~200 μ m);

2: Stable shape and high strength components;

3: High temperature resistance (highly capable of working at 900 ℃);

4: Strong corrosion resistance;

5: High impact resistance and alternating load;

6: Excellent breathability and separation;

7: Good backwashing, easy regeneration of components, etc.

Metal powder sintered filter elements are widely used in petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, coal chemical, food and beverage, nuclear power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, and other industries due to their excellent product performance.

Particularly suitable for the following applications:

1: Catalyst filtration;

2: Filter liquid and gas;

3. Recovery and filtration of mother liquor in PTA production;

4: Filtering in food and beverage;

5: Boiling vaporization bed;

6: Liquid flushing tank bubbles;

7: Fire and explosion resistance;

8: Balance and damp air flow;

9: Sensor probe protection;

10: Filtering and noise elimination on pneumatic equipment;

11: Fly ash treatment;

12: Gas homogenization and pneumatic conveying in the powder industry.